Tags Services

Same Day Permanent MVA Tags

Maryland Express Tag and Title will provide immediate full vehicle registration for two years if the vehicle has been inspected.

Tag Return

Provide cancellation receipt. Insurance should not be cancelled until tags are returned. Refunds are issued with registrations having more than one year remaining on sticker.

Disability Tags

Permanent handicapped tags, standard renewal procedures apply.

Substitute Tags

Replace tags that are lost or damaged.

Temporary Tags - Vehicle Was Not Inspected

Receive hard tags with 30 day registration. Once inspected, obtain renewal for one or two years.

Personalized Tags

Maryland Express Tag and Title will process personalized MVA tags where the customer will give four name choices by preference. Maryland Express MVA Tag & Title will inform individuals if none of the names are available or the MVA tags will be processed with the first available name chosen and the MVA tags will be delivered within five to six weeks.

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